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How to Perform Volunteer Management Effectively

How to Perform Volunteer Management Effectively to Build a Loyal Support Base?

Do you know that the reason for successful political campaigns includes effective volunteer management?

You heard it right!

Volunteers help the candidates by canvassing, making calls, fundraising etc. That is why a streamlined volunteer management strategy is essential to cultivating relationships in developing a loyal support base.

In this blog, we will uncloak the secret of “how to manage volunteers” through some game-changing strategies. Before digging deeper, let’s have a small introduction to volunteer management.

What is Volunteer Management?

The procedure of recruiting, training, supervising, and retaining volunteers is known as volunteer management. From identifying the organization’s needs to creating blank positions and provision training- volunteer management is an essential training process. This enables a candidate to focus on developing and maintaining relationships with voters. Once you empower the volunteers for the core responsibilities, you can ask for extended support from the voters. In turn, it will drive more action for your campaign.

What are the 6 Steps of Volunteer Management?

A plethora of ways are there to run the volunteer program. However, your pre-determined goals will help you to hatch up your next steps. In this case, a volunteer management life cycle works best to manage the program efficiently. Here are the key steps-

  1. Planning– This stage involves critical thinking, which is needed to set goals and develop role descriptions.
  2. Recruitment and Evaluation– You can recruit volunteers by connecting with aspiring and experienced ones. Also, you can advertise the roles on your website and social media. Once you finished gathering the resumes, start the screening process by conducting background checks. If you still don’t have a website, develop the same with Dot Vote Domain. Not only will it help you to connect with your target voters within a stipulated time, but it will also protect your digital identity.
  3. Scheduling– This process involves creating the shifts of the individuals while matching the right individuals as per the roles.
  4. Training– A well-conducted training and onboarding process enables candidates and volunteers to fulfill their expectations properly.
  5. Engagement– A candidate should manage and empower the volunteers for maximum productivity. This will encourage the volunteers to perform best.
  6. Assessment– This step includes evaluating the performance while sharing the feedback with the volunteers.

What are Some Best Practices for Volunteer Management?

Streamlining the volunteer management process needs experience. However, you can follow these best practices to get maximum results-

Best Practices for Volunteer Management

1. Automate Communications

You can use campaign technology and its tools to help you save time, personalize volunteer communications and boost efficiency. Ultimately, this will improve relationship building. For example, you can automate a chain of emails for seamless connectivity with the volunteers. It will provide them with all the relevant information required to succeed in their roles.

Leverage volunteer management software designed to help the candidates administer volunteer programs, initiatives, and events. This software is the database for all the related information, enabling the operator to have a 360-degree approach.

2. Remove the Barriers

Too many constraints during volunteering may demotivate the individuals. You can quickly eliminate the same by streamlining the volunteer registration form, including the links to sign up the communications. Virtual phone banking software and canvassing apps can improve the volunteering experience.

3. Gather Volunteer Feedback

Once you ask the volunteers about their feedback, this makes them recognize. With their opinions and actionable insights, you can engage and retain the volunteers better. You can collect the feedback in person or send regular online surveys through an online form. Otherwise, you can create a separate section on your website to help the volunteers find the form easily. If you don’t have a website, create one with Dot Vote Domain, which protects your digital identity.  

4. Support the Volunteers

From a small thank you text message to a handful of gifts, there are multiple ways to show your support to the volunteers. Not only this will value their dedication, but it also motivates the to bring out more productivity. You can do this through team-building activities, social events and regular communication.

5. Keep the Volunteers Engaged

Ensure you’re keeping the volunteers informed about your mission and vision to help them be more connected. Moving forward, they can contribute towards the growth aligned with your requirements.

Ready to Make Thoughtful Volunteer Strategies?

Consistency is the key. Developing and sustaining a volunteer base without consistency will give you lackluster results. If you need expert advice that drives your campaign correctly, Qualify Candidates is here to make that happen! Request a demo today to check how the things will be fitted into your bill.  

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