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About Us

Qualify Candidates

Our team comprises highly skilled circulators who work diligently to collect petition signatures efficiently from qualified voters. We ensure strict compliance with all state regulations regarding circulator residency, pay, qualified voter, and petition format requirements.

Our internal team verifies all petition signatures against the most current state voter registration file, so we always use the most updated information possible. Our circulators are required to maintain a minimum standard of 70% validity.










Campaigning Strategy

If you’re casting your vote for the first time, our campaign will help you decide whether you must vote in favor or against a proposal. It includes public events, grassroots organizing and advertisements.

Ballot Access

Based on your current location and what office you want to run for. Publishing your name on the ballot can be daunting. Our team members from Qualify Candidates will make the process easy for you.

Petition Collections

We collect a specific number of petitions from registered voters across the state so that the next steps can be easy for you.

Government Policies Navigation

Qualify Candidates is there to help you with government policies by navigating the same. In turn, it will stand as beneficial to you.

Identification of Voters

Our proven methods identify the early supporters so that the voters can stay in touch with them.

Personal Voter Contact

Our team members reach the voters during community events to address their concerns and educate them properly about the issues.

What Our Clients are Saying

Not just managing the campaigns or ballot initiatives, our team does more than that. We go the extra mile to help our clients to achieve their goals. From petition surveys to signature gathering, our political advocacy enables the clients to create a plan accordingly.

Your Political Goal is Now Our Concern

If you want to take your political candidature to the next level, let us help you. Reach us today to explore more options tailor-made only for you.