Why Initiatives Don’t Qualify

​In baseball…you can’t steal first base. You have to earn it.

In politics…the candidate or initiative campaign’s first base is qualifying for the ballot.

How and when a candidate or initiative qualifies for the ballot is a quantifiable way to assess a campaign’s strength, or too often, an early warning sign that it just isn’t ready for the Big Leagues.

We’re here to help get your name or issue on the ballot, and to help show others that your campaign is a professional effort that needs to be taken seriously.

Gathering signatures is a pain. Anyone telling you otherwise also has “Ocean front property in Arizona” to sell you. 

The news is full of stories of candidates or ballot initiatives that didn’t qualify because of shoddy work, lack of volunteers, starting late (the most common mistake) or any numerous other reasons.

Ballot qualification is a detailed process that requires superb planning, organizational skills, and micromanagement of every last detail. Hope and prayer…and well-meaning volunteers…do not get it done.

We are here to make it as TURN-KEY, sure-thing as possible. So, your opponents can have the sleepless nights, not you.