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Increase Voter Turnout 

7 Effective Strategies to Increase Voter Turnout 

Due to the ongoing shifts in voting preferences, states and local governments are seeking the answer to a question-

“How to increase the voter turnout?”

 Many campaigns have already encouraged the voters to vote well, helping them with early voting options. Still, the low voter turnout issue is prevalent across the country.

If you’re also facing an issue with low voter turnout as a candidate, you need to incorporate effective strategies. Continue reading to know more. Before that, let’s look at the reasons for low voter turnout.

What are the Reasons for Low Voter Turnout?

Voters Feel Discouraged– Some people feel that their vote won’t matter due to local or state government setup. In other words, the voters feel that their vote won’t make the change as they want to see it in the community.

Lack of Proper Voting Information– If the voters don’t get the proper information, they won’t be motivated to vote. It may include essential information like when they can vote, when the polls will open, etc. Failing to provide this information will cause low voter turnout.

Busy Voters– From taking care of the kids to performing day-to-day office tasks, voters are busy doing their regular work. Besides, all the information regarding voting doesn’t appear at the top of their to-do list. So they miss the information.

What are the Ways to Increase Voter Turnout?

To win on election day, turning out the supporters is essential. To do it effectively, you should increase the voter turnout. Here are some practical ways to do it-

1. Run Community Surveys

Once you run the surveys, you will understand the comfort level of their voting. You must develop a plan that revolves around citizens’ willingness to vote. Based on the output, you can address the specific concerns of the voters.

2. Improved Accessibility

Choose the polling places that are more accessible as many people have mobility and other issues. It may include improvements like ample parking, better signage and comfortable waiting areas. However, ensure that the polling places comply with the ADA or the Americans with Disabilities Act.

3. Host Civic Education Campaigns

This type of education campaign directly promotes the importance of voting. Curate informative materials highlighting local elections’ significance and their impact on the surroundings. Ensure that you’re sharing your official website details.

Also, you can utilize the power of email marketing, newsletters, and social media channels to disseminate the message- the importance of voting. Social programs like community events, government meetings, and recreation programs are also great platforms to reach your community members easily. Qualify candidates can help you to do these campaigns effectively with expert help. They’ve already helped various candidates reach their desired goals. 

4. Provide Early Voting Opportunity

Offering this option can alleviate the concern about long queues on election day. This can be done in-person or over mail. This provides flexibility to busy persons by allowing them to vote at their preferred time.

5. Provide Incentives

You can offer incentives to the voters while maintaining the integrity of the voting process. You can use stickers, pens or any notebooks to make a difference. For the mail-in voters, you can consider the digital versions. The citizens will enjoy this as a sense of accomplishment.


1. How to Encourage People to Vote?

 You can explain the impact of people’s voices and the power of their vote by sharing the most pressing issues and how their participation can make a difference. Additionally, you can help individuals by offering transportation services or voter registration.

2. How to Get People to Vote for You?

First and foremost, you must be transparent, genuine and empathetic. Clearly state your plans, policies and vision among the community. Engage with the common people and listen to their feedback. This way, you can build trust, which is essential to get people to vote for you.

3. What could be Done to Increase Primary Turnout?

You can incorporate several effective strategies to increase primary turnout, like improving accessibility to polling locations, educating the voters, conducting target outreach and clearly mentioning voter registration procedures.

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