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Trump and Ballot

Should Trump Be Barred From the Ballot?

There exists a remarkable discord at the heart of our current political landscape. On one side, the polling data indicates that Donald Trump is poised to secure victory in the Iowa Republican caucuses and the New Hampshire primary. He appears highly probable to become the official nominee for his party, and potentially our next president. However, on the flip side, there is a constitutional possibility that could disqualify him from assuming office.

Both Colorado and Maine have reached this conclusion, removing him from their ballots. Currently, the Colorado Supreme Court is on the brink of addressing this unprecedented question: whether a relatively obscure provision of the Constitution, drafted in the aftermath of the Civil War, can prevent Trump from running and potentially disrupt the 2024 election.

David French, a columnist for The Times Opinion, has previously appeared on the show as both a guest and a guest host, providing insights into the criminal cases against Trump. In this instance, I’ve invited David to articulate his argument for why Trump may be constitutionally ineligible. Our conversation delves into major objections, speculations on the Supreme Court’s potential actions, and the various ways in which the available options may pose risks of destabilizing the country.

The following is a modified excerpt from our discussion. The complete interview is accessible above or by subscribing to “The Ezra Klein Show” on the NYT Audio App, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google, or any other podcast platform. Explore a compilation of book recommendations from our featured guests here.

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