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Ballot Chasing

All You Need to Know About Ballot Chasing

From the early dates of democratic elections, ballot chasing has been talked about frequently by experts. In various forms of campaigning, the essence of ballot chasing dates back to ancient days. As societies embrace modern technology, ballot chasing has evolved with a wide range of techniques and strategies. These are meant to influence the voter behavior.

Ballot chasing has already spectated various forms, including direct mail campaigns, door-to-door canvassing, phone banking, etc. Why it’s still relevant? What are the causes behind it? We will answer the questions in the following paragraphs. Before that, let’s start with the definition of ballot chasing.

What is Ballot Chasing?

According to Wikipedia, ballot chasing or ballot harvesting is the procedure of gathering and submitting mail-in voter or absentee ballots by third-party individuals. This is legitimate in some areas of the USA but some states have laws, that don’t comply with ballot chasing system.

5 Reasons Why Ballot Chasing is Important

If you’re running a campaign, you should ensure that it complies with all the state rules. Ballot chasing is one of the effective methods to do the same. Not only this but there are other reasons why ballot chasing is still relevant today. Here you go-

1. Increased Voter turnout

By actively engaging with the potential voters, ballot chasing increases voter turnout. This enables to address the voter concerns while encouraging them to participate in the electoral process. Therefore, the democratic representation and the election results’ legitimacy get stronger.

2. More Democratic Participation

Ballot chasing ensures that all eligible voters have the equal right to cast their ballots to make their voices heard in political decision-making. Therefore, it promotes inclusivity and democratic participation.

3. Enhanced Campaign Effectiveness

Ballot chasing enables political campaigns to develop strategies by targeting the specific communities. This is more impactful to maximize the voter mobilization efforts.

4. Upholds Electoral Integrity

It will uphold the electoral integrity process once you run through the lawful ballot-chasing activities. This will ensure that the voters will be informed of their rights and can participate spontaneously without any coercion.

5. Fosters Community Engagement

By creating opportunities for civic issues, ballot chasing fosters community engagement. This includes building the connections between campaigners and voters and facilitating the sense of collective agency to shape the future through the electoral process.

4 Steps to Perform a Ballot Chase Program

When the supporter requests a mail-in ballot, your goal should centralize how the same will be filled correctly. Generally, the ballot chasing program includes four steps-

1. Train Your Team

Based on the laws of your state, your program may look different. Ensure your team of volunteers is aware of the principles of voting. This will help them to share the information to the audience once they’re asked about it.

2. Organize the Voter List

You can organize the list by applying the following filters-

Voters who have returned the ballots

Voters who are yet to return the ballots

Voters who haven’t asked for ballots yet

Most US states allow the voters to vote through the mail, provided by maintaining the guidelines. This law can vary from state to state. Irrespective of this, encourage the supporters to request the absentee ballots and return them once done.

3. Inform the Voters

You can encourage the voters either by text them the essential information, links and deadlines to request their ballots. Also, you can do a phone banking initiative or share information through mail while canvassing. Based on your campaign strategy, you can target different voter groups. Remember that strategical targeting will help to focus on the resources. This will enable to contact of interested voters to hit the number.

4. Follow Up

The ballot-chasing program won’t be completed until the election day comes. However, you should follow up with the voters who haven’t asked for a ballot or those who haven’t returned their ballots yet.

Ready to Bank More Votes?

Chasing ballots ensures that the voters can vote without feeling stressed. Once you implement the ballot chasing program, your campaign will bring out more value on the table. If you need support with proper campaign set up and related things, we’re ready to help you. From campaigning strategy to personal voter contact, the team of Qualify Candidates will turn your political goal into reality. To know more, visit our website today.  

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